Deotte, Inc. is a full-service civil engineering and construction management firm specializing in the design and construction of public infrastructure for both public and private clients. DeOtte, Inc. has successfully completed hundreds of projects for over 75 clients including 12 Cities in its nine year history, and has developed a reputation for superior quality and responsiveness.

Richard DeOtte founded Deotte, Inc. in 2000 and has assembled a staff of highly qualified professionals with a strong understanding of public policy and infrastructure development throughout North Texas. Additionally, he has inspired the growth of the company by focusing on dedicated service to excellent clients who understand civil engineering.


Deotte, Inc. is focused on delivering consultation and engineering design services for the following type projects:

  • Land Development (Commercial & Residential, Property Entitlement, Design)
  • Transporation (Street, Bridge, Highway, and Pedestrian)
  • Drainage (Planning, Floodplain Management, Erosion Control, Stream/Bank Stabilization)
  • Water/Wastewater (Planning & Design)
  • Project Services (Construction Management & Permitting)

Project Management & Approach

All projects at DeOtte, Inc. are performed and closely managed by licensed professional engineers who are directly involved at every step of the design process.  In general, the approach of DeOtte, Inc. toward project management is to maintain small teams in the production effort.  This ensures that the client has direct contact with an accountable, qualified professional engineer with intimate knowledge of their project.  

Every project requires coordination of a vast system of owners, technical professionals disciplines, contractors, regulatory authorities, rules, regulations, laws, policies and practice. Our focus is on the effective management of that system to deliver added value and facilitate the successful completion of projects.

Every successful design effort must, very early in the process, clearly identify and address a number of design constraints, many of which are not entirely technical in nature.  In nearly every case, clients, from a broad range of sources, have arrived at a project need through a myriad of decisions and assessments with a great level of care.  Our job is to identify these parameters and deliver a design that sensibly addresses each of them.  In doing so, the following areas, at a minimum, should be reviewed and clearly understood before undertaking the design effort. 

  • Political Constraints
  • Design Life ~ Funding Constraints
  • Citizen Concerns ~ Historical Complaints
  • Long-term Maintenance Needs
  • Accessibility During Construction (Businesses, Residents & Emergency Access)
  • Traffic Control ~ Detour Alternatives
  • Traffic Calming Tree/Landscape Preservation
  • Sidewalks and Beautification
  • Street Lighting Upgrades
  • Existing Utility Avoidance (Pubic & Private)
  • Drainage System Analysis/Capacity (per current standards)
  • Status of Existing City Utilities ~ Upgrade/Replacement/New Construction
  • Constructability Constraints